Qusangs, who had reached an agreement with Leeds United, failed to go to the British arena because of the failure of the medical examination. The hidden injuries found during the physical examination made Leeds United believe that there are various uncertainties in the future career of Qusans. Physical examination is a necessary part of player trading in the professional football environment. With the development of the times and the advancement of medical standards, nowadays, strict physical examinations are always performed before player transactions occur. However, similar to Qusans transfers that fail to pass the physical examination The incident also has long precedents.


The Italian midfielder Motta has twice in his career failed to join his new club due to unqualified medical examinations. In the summer of 2008, because there was no agreement with Atletico Madrid on the contract renewal, Motta also started to go to other clubs to accept new challenges. After the players signaled to leave the team, the Premier League Portsmouth team immediately challenged Motta. Launched an offensive. After the two sides contacted, the club and the players quickly reached a personal treatment agreement, but Motta regretted that after going to Portsmouth for a medical examination, the club immediately rejected the deal.


After that, La Liga Santander also got in touch with Motta. When the transfer was close to success again, Destiny also made a joke with Motta. It was also because of the medical examination that Motta was eventually missed. Racing Santander. The reason why Motta failed the medical examination twice was due to the serious knee injury in the 2007-08 season. Although after that, Genoa signed Motta at a very low cost, but two consecutive times. The experience of unqualified medical examinations will indeed affect the hearts of professional players to a certain extent.

之后,西甲桑坦德队也与莫塔取得了联系。当转会又一次成功时,命运也和莫塔开了个玩笑。也是由于身体检查,莫塔最终被遗漏了。赛车桑坦德。 Motta两次均未通过体检的原因是由于2007-08赛季严重的膝盖受伤。尽管在那之后,热那亚以非常低的价格签下了莫塔,但已连续两次。不合格体检的经历确实会在一定程度上影响职业球员的心。

In the summer of 2016, Portugal’s Sporting Lisbon set its sights on Brazilian midfielder Sandro, who played for the Queen’s Park Rangers. Sporting Lisbon also hopes that Sandro’s powerful sweeping ability will help the team build a midfielder. Dyke. After several contacts with Sandro, Sporting Lisbon reached a verbal agreement with the players, but when the deal was about to happen, Sandro was found in the Sporting Lisbon medical examination room with an old knee injury. After several trade-offs, Sporting Lisbon finally announced that the deal fell through.


At the end of the 2017 summer window, Brighton, who is eager to strengthen the striker, reached an agreement with Zurich FC on the transfer of Ghana international Dwamena. Just as countless Brighton fans hoped that the Ghanaian killer would provide fire support for the team in the new season, the Brighton medical examination room came to the news that Dwamena failed the medical examination.

在2017年夏季窗口结束时,渴望加强前锋的布莱顿(Brighton)与苏黎世足球俱乐部(Zurich FC)就加纳国际杜瓦梅纳队的转会达成了协议。正如无数布赖顿球迷希望加纳的杀手在新赛季为球队提供火力支援一样,布赖顿体检室也得知德瓦梅纳体检不合格。

In fact, the fact that the players have not passed the physical examination will not only make the clubs of the two sides of the trade passive, but also have a great impact on their careers. Fekir, who had a passionate affair with Liverpool in the past, was exposed because he did not pass the physical examination and was exposed. The price plummeted.


However, in the end, refined medical examinations are also a good way for a club to guarantee its own interests in transactions. After all, in this era of high player prices and transfer fees, no club is willing to spend a lot of money to be an injured person. Hidden players take a gamble.


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